Jorge Echenique, A True Man For Others

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Jorge EcheniqueEvery once in a while, a Doctor comes around that goes above and beyond the line of work, proving that the medical profession is more than just a factory treating patients on a conveyor belt. Being a Doctor takes more than your day job responsibilities. The Jesuits call it being a “Man For Others” and Dr. Jorge Echenique is just that.

This board-certified Urologist has made Miami, FL his stomping ground for community service and medical aid. After receiving his medical degree from the Emory School of Medicine, he finished off his residencies at Emory University School of Medicine Affiliated Hospitals in General Surgery and Adult and Pediatric Urology. He soon set his sights on the Caribbean, however, to a place where top notch medical care to villagers was surely lacking.

Twice every year for the past 15 years, Dr. Jorge Echenique ventures deep into the heart of the Dominican Republic with his esteemed brigade of men for others, the Knights of MALTA. This order of missionaries has been around since the Middle Ages and to this day, still gives back to the community in the form of missionary trips and spirituality. Dr. Echenique’s volunteer work has brought forth years of medical care and consultation to the under-privileged people of Santiago, Dominican Republic. Not only has he participated in the vast giving of medical supplies, toys and clothing to these people, but he also serves as Director of the Cuban Order of Knights of MALTA. Dr. Echenique serves under excellent facilities that include a dining hall, dormitories, pre and post operation areas, consultation offices, surgical suites, and even a chapel where community masses are performed. Over 1000 patients are treated when the Knights of MALTA are in town and Dr. Echenique is there to oversee every step of the way.

In his own community, Dr. Jorge Echenique strives for the same generosity and service, primarily in Mercy Hospital, where his endless efforts have made this hospital a second home. Among serving as Secretary of the Mercy Hospital Foundation, he also served as member of the Board, and Chairman of their Foundation Charity Ball. An active member of the Epiphany Catholic Church, Dr. Echenique has served as Eucharistic Minister since 1995 and made this Coral Gables church his family Parish every Sunday. He is a loving husband to his wife Michelle, whom attends these missionary trips with him, and is a father of two.

You can keep up to date with Dr. Echenique’s missionary trips at, which includes links to his many social media pages. A live Twitter feed is also available to see what he’s up to every day, along with links to his several publications and press releases. Dr. Jorge Echenique is the perfect example of how the medical profession should be more than just seeing faceless patients during work hours. An example of what modern day Saints should be like.

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