Online Marketing Trends that will dominate/continue through 2014

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marketingNo medium of information shows as much versatility in the application of Marketing techniques as much as online marketing and the ever changing trends which can be experienced there. A couple of years back, there were no doubts in the minds of online marketers that outbound techniques were the most rewarding. But over the past couple of years, the pendulum has moved in favor of inbound techniques, which focus on creating and producing original content, as that leads to capturing the attention of the audience and readers. Also, the inbound techniques are highly beneficial as these tend to create long term brand significance, with a promise of growth in audience.

Inbound techniques promise to maintain a strong hold on the marketing trends during the year 2014. A few of the techniques seeming to be really promising are discussed below.

  • As television and radio marketing is increasingly becoming ineffective, content marketing is taking the place which was once held by television advertisements. Content marketing focuses on providing information with regards to the relevant industry. The information may either be communicated as a source of insight or by entertaining the reader. The purpose is to provide content that will grasp the attention of the audience by access through social and informative mediums. The content tends to build up a loyal audience by promising them information and insight.
  • While content marketing has taken the online marketing industry by storm another technique that is promising to deliver in the coming year is content that is image-based. Content that utilizes images to deliver information as well as explain that information tends to make a stronger mark on the audience. Using content with images makes websites like Buzzfeed and Pinterest the best places for online marketing.
  • Recently, audiences, due to excessive bombardment with advertisements, have started preferring marketing content, which is simple and easy to understand as compared to sophisticated and complicated content. Messages that are easy to comprehend and promote ease of life and concept tend to be more popular among consumers and audiences.
  • Smart phones are the new laptops and desktops, and any marketing plan that does not take into account mobile savvy content is bound to suffer setbacks. Create content that is mobile savvy and can be easily accessed via the mobile device.

Sticking to these few marketing techniques can surely make a difference for your online marketing plan and the way you will execute it.

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