WordPress Best Practices

Posted on: November 26, 2013 | By: 

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wordpress-security-lock-300x3002WordPress, like Blogger is perhaps one of the most commonly and frequently used blogging services. But as frequently as it is used, there are a few mistakes that have been known to show a recurring pattern over the years, with regular, professional and new WordPress users. Avoiding these mistakes can make your site run more smoothly, safely and securely. The purpose of avoiding most of these mistakes is to ensure the safety of your account from hackers.

  • The most commonly made mistake and without any particular understanding is that using the administrator account to post content. Using an administrator account with your username posted below makes it easy to locate and hack your account. Create an account as a contributor and use that to post content on your website. While retaining the administrator account for other uses.
  • Another thing which should be avoided is using the username “admin.” As a WordPress website is created the username of admin is created by default, which many users continue to use. If this username is coupled with a weak and guessable password, that makes your account very vulnerable and provides an open invitation the hackers. Be unpredictable and change the username.
  • In a WordPress site, tags and posts can also be added to the main navigation menu along with categories. Having a properly organized site is really necessary for not only SEO but also the time it will take your site to load. In a heavy site, use tags rather than categories to organize and arrange content to make it more optimized.
  • Remember to update your WordPress website. If an update is available and your version is not up to date, that makes your site extremely vulnerable and open for hackers.
  • Caching allows visitors to directly save the final HTML markup of the requested information. If you are not using caching, the user will have to request the same information from the server every time, increasing load time. Use caching to heighten the efficiency and reduce the load time of your site.
  • If you are unfortunate enough to get hacked, you need to be prepared. VaultPress provides full back ups of your data, content, and themes etc.

Avoiding these simple mistakes can make your WordPress site more efficient, safe and secure with minimal effort on your part.