Is Your Website Hacked? Invest in Web Security!

One of the most popular content management systems today is WordPress. With over 30% of all web sites in the world using this platform as their backbone, hackers have deemed WordPress sites a prime target for mischief. WordPress is an “open source” product, which means that the codebase that powers it is available to the public to download here. This makes it very easy for hackers to penetrate and find vulnerabilities.

Nonetheless, WordPress has a fantastic community that keeps the codebase updated regularly so, whenever a vulnerability is exposed, it quickly gets patched up. This is what makes WordPress such a popular platform. A time may come, however, and I’ve seen this occur on countless occasions, where your site may be targeted by hackers before a vulnerability is patched up, at which point it can be too late.

Website Security

The security of your site is not to be taken lightly. That is why it is important to invest in a “Website Security” product. For as low as $83.99 a year (prices may change), Website Security will constantly monitor and scan your site for possible intrusions. If one does occur, Website Security will automatically delete any malware or malicious code that may be injected into your web site, at which point, you will be alerted immediately. There is also a more expensive plan that will even prevent intrusions from occurring, rather than waiting for them to occur and deleting them. It is a small price to pay for the peace of mind of knowing that your site is safe. We purchase insurance in this world for all types of things (i.e. auto collisions, home insurance, health insurance), Website Security is a mini insurance policy for your web site.