Monetize Your Blog or Web Site with Display Advertising

We are living in an age where anyone can be a publisher. Gone are the days where getting “published” is the biggest hurtle faced by makers and creators. Blogging technologies have made it increasingly simple to start a web site, and social media makes it easy to distribute your content across all devices and audiences. If your content is of quality, the market will tell you by the size of your audience (i.e. “If you build it, they will come.”).


But what do you do once you have your audience? What do you do once you’re ready to make publishing content a business? For most small publishers, the only monetization option is Google AdSense, and this is the route that most new publishers take. AdSense allows you to easily begin monetizing your web site by placing display ads from Google on your web site. Google takes care of finding the right ads to display, and in return, they share the ad revenue with you. AdSense is a great product and very easy to set up, however, publisher will quickly reach a peak revenue with AdSense and unfortunately, there aren’t many other options.

Header Bidding

This is the reason why we launched our Header Bidding solution. Header Bidding allows you to display ads on your web site from multiple “ad exchanges,” like AdSense, and forces them to compete for your web traffic. The Header Bidder creates an online auction in real time that causes multiple exchanges to bid on your web traffic and drive up the price of your ad. For this reason, our header bidding clients have seen an increase in revenue of 20%-30% compared to what Google AdSense was paying them.

We offer this service free of charge. What?!? Ok, it’s not really free. We will take a percentage of the revenue that we generate with you, however, we do not charge for set up, and we will only take our commission if and only if, we generate more revenue for you than you were making prior to us implementing header bidding. There is no risk to you as the publisher and no out-of-pocket expense to get your header bidder up and running.

If you are interested in learning more about or header bidding solution, feel free to call us at (305) 799-8873 or email Carlos Rovira at