The Cost of Not Having a Web Presence

Have you ever been referred to a company or service, searched for them on Google, only to realize that they have no web site? I don’t know about you, but to me that is a red flag. We are so used to being able to find information on anything within seconds on the internet that a small business without a web site may as well not exist. Nowadays, there really is no excuse. If you don’t have a digital footprint, you are missing out on potential opportunities. All of those people who search the internet looking for someone who provides the same product or service as you, will be led to your competitors. Not having a web presence is an opportunity cost!


Having a web site, even if it’s just a simple landing page, gives you legitimacy. No one can argue that. Your web site is your statement to the world that you exist and you’re open for business. Does your product or service serve any purpose or provide value? The market will tell you, however your web presence will give you that initial burst of legitimacy that you need to get started. Then it’s up to you to sell yourself.

Brand Awareness

Having a digital footprint will also make the world aware of your brand. Whether it’s a simple Facebook page or a full on eCommerce site, your web presence is the digital representation of your brand. Let’s take Coca Cola, for example, clearly one of the world’s most well known brands. Type “Coca Cola” into Google Search. You will be inundated with social media accounts, various web sites geared towards different parts of the world, Wikipedia pages, and more. Despite being a 100 year old brand, Coca Cola understands the importance of having a meaningful presence on the web.

Lead Generation

Probably one of the most important results you will receive from your web presence are the leads it will generate for you. Even so much as a simple “contact us” form on your site will compel prospective clients into contacting you for more information. Having a social media presence will cause your customer base to engage with your brand, allowing you to begin growing your network of followers and potential customers; not to mention the opportunities for digital advertising through retargeting and other marketing strategies.

Getting Started

If you’re looking for a digital partner to help you establish your online presence, our deep industry experience working for Fortune 500 companies, as well as small startups, will provide you with a perspective and know-how that will get your business on the right track.

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